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Jan 18

Our Vancouver Printing Company Supports Local Vancouver Non-Profit Organizations


Giving back to the community is something that is important to Trendz Print Media, so whenever we are given the chance and we feel as though our services are needed, we like to donate to organizations dedicated to community improvement. That’s why our Vancouver Printing Company is pleased to announce that we are going to be partnering with a great local non-profit organization in Vancouver to help the homeless.   The name of the organization is the Safe Haven Shelter Society.   Founded in June, 2011 by James Purdy, the goal of the organization is to provide mobile shelters for the homeless people in the lower mainland, and then eventually throughout Canada and the United States.

Safe Haven Shelter’s Society offers two different products, the Hope Shelter, and the Hope Cart, (patents pending) which are currently being very well received in Vancouver and will be in use by Vancouver’s homeless population soon.  Trendz Print Media is the Vancouver printing company that will be providing Safe Haven Shelter Society with their various printing needs, such as:

This project is something anyone and everyone can be involved in, whether it’s by financial donation, volunteering your time or services.   For more info on this Fantastic organization visit there website at

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Jan 14

Retractable Banners: The Ideal Solution to Presentation Stress


Are you in a profession, or do you belong to a networking group where you’re continuously doing presentations? Do you visit a lot of Vancouver trade shows?   Do you find yourself always scrambling at the last minute to put things together for your presentation or events?  The perfect solution for people who find themselves in these situations are retractable banner stands.  We are the Vancouver printing company that offers banner printing at an affordable price, with a variety of bases, and quick turn around times.

Our in house graphic design department can create a design for you, which allows you to use your retractable banner stand on the go, no matter what event you need it for.    Once you have completed the graphic design, choose from a variety of retractable banner stand bases in our standard, or premium categories.

Our retractable banner stands come in a convenient carrying case, and are very lightweight and easy to carry. Our banner stands are perfect for busy individuals to keep in their office, the trunk of their car for when you’re on the go, or in their suitcase for when they are traveling.

Don’t hesitate, contact Trendz Print Media the tradeshow printing specialist today to get started on your retractable banner design, and retractable banner printing. We will create the perfect communication tool for you, with quality banner material, and vibrant colors, which mean you’ll be able to present in front of any audience.







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Jan 14

GOtoGAL Chose Trendz Print Media as their Vancouver Printing Company

Screen shot 2012-01-18 at 11.30.00 AM

2011 was a very exciting year for Trendz Print Media and we were lucky to be involved in many unique projects.  One of our favorite projects was the GOtoGAL Television series, which is a comedic series about a “lifestyle” expert sourcing the best places, products and services in Vancouver and beyond.

Originally when we were approached about this project, we were contacted by Adera Angelucci, GotoGal’s creator and executive director.  Adera herself is a unique, new-aged business woman, that’s very charismatic, and full of life.  After meeting with Adera in person and interviewing several Vancouver printing companies, Adera felt GOtoGal and Trendz Print Media had similar business ideas and felt we would be the perfect fit for the show’s first season. (more…)

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Jan 12

Trendz Print Media is Vancouver’s #1 Supplier for Vancouver Trade Show Booths


It’s January and that means one thing: it’s time to get geared up for the 2012 Vancouver trade show season. At Trendz Print Media, we specialize in all of the latest and greatest innovations out there in trade show printing products.  We are the Vancouver printing company that is able to do it all for any, and every trade show Vancouver has to offer. What keeps all of our Vancouver trade show printing clients coming back time after time?

Our team understands the emphasis that must be put into your trade show display, as it is an opportunity to present your business to potential clients and industry executives. The key factor in any successful trade show booth printing is great graphic design. The main thing we base our graphic design services on for trade show clients is that the average Vancouver trade show display has mere seconds to captivate your target audience. Without the best quality trade show printing products, great graphic design, and the #1 Vancouver trade show printing company, you may be missing out on potential business. (more…)

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Jan 7

There Goes my Plastic Bag Lawn Sign—Gone with the Wind!


Have you ever been sitting in traffic at a stoplight and seen one of those bag signs that are crunched up and ready to blow off?  We all have, and sad thing is, because of its poor design I was unable to see most of the sign including your business name and phone number which means you lost a potential client. What’s an effective marketing tool you can use to promote your business year round, regardless of weather conditions?  Corrugated lawn Signs, which are available in 4mm or 10mm thickness.

The great thing about corrugated plastic lawn signs is that they’re able to withstand all of our weather conditions and, living in Vancouver, where it rains 9 out of 12 months a year it’s important to have weather resistant outdoor promotional products. These corrugated plastic lawn signs are an effective marketing tool you can use to promote your business year round, with UV solvent, scratch resistant ink, so they can last for a long time. (more…)

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Jan 7

Bad Print Design Makes a Poor First Impression


How many times have you come across, horribly printed flyers, bad business card printing, or a tacky post card printing?  Personally I have come across it more then I can count!  I always ask myself the same question what’s the point in spending money at any Vancouver printing company, if you’re not promoting yourself properly?

There’s no point!  So don’t waste your time or your money if it’s not something you’re proud to showcase!

What Can Good Print Design Services do for You?

Good print design services are crucial when you create any communication piece for your business like:


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Jan 6

Get Noticed with Custom Die Cut Business Cards


As a Vancouver Printing Company we know that one of the keys to success in any business is making sure you get noticed and stand out.  What is the first thing any business person does when they meet someone?

They hand out a custom printed business card!

If your like anyone else, you‘ve probably seen a million printed business cards.  How many of those business cards stand out?  I can bet you the ones that have made an impact stand above the rest and make that individual and their business stay top of mind when you’re looking for someone in that industry. (more…)

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Jan 6

Trendz New Year’s Resolution: Green Vancouver Printing with FSC Paper Products


At Trendz Print Media it’s a new year, which means new Vancouver printing products and new practices that keep us at the top of our game and a step above our competitors.  One of the new practices that Trendz is implementing in 2012 is the use of FSC paper products. FSC paper products promote responsible management of the world’s forests and are always evaluated through a grading system to meet strict environment and social standards.

Here are a few key facts to know about FSC paper products (from the FSC website):

  • They focus on keeping forests healthy by providing an “equitable sharing of benefits” from their use, while respected natural forest processes, biodiversity and harmony amongst their inhabitants.
  • They promote environmentally-friendly, socially beneficial and economically viable management of the world’s forests. (more…)
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