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Feb 24

Unique Business Card printing Vancouver Businesses can Envy!

spot uv photo

Business Cards are the forefront of any business operation, world wide, in any place, and any language.  Your business card printing should always be done to perfection as it is something that people will hold on to, and it’s a representation of you and your company.  When your handing your card out to other professionals, it’s something you should be proud of.  If your card is looking a little dull or you feel like you’d rather write your contact details on a scrap piece of paper then your in need of a business card REFRESH!

Contact Trendz Print Media the Vancouver Business Card Specialists

If that’s the case then contact our Vancouver graphic design team, and they’ll give you the tools you need to create an effective business card that keeps you ahead of the game.  When creating your new Vancouver business card design be sure to check out one of our cool features like Spot Uv Business cards.   Spot UV is a feature you can add to your business card to feature a spot gloss varnish coating is certain area’s of your business card like you logo, pictures, patterns, or text. These cards are also printed on a 16pt card stock, finished with a matte silk lamination, which means they no only look good, but their durable.

Contact Trendz Print Media the Vancouver printing company that can keep your business on top.   Be sure to check out our specials page as we offer our Spot Uv Business Card printing at discounted rates periodically.

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Feb 24

Looking for a marketing idea that make an impression? Try magnetic printing products.


Now a days everyone is always looking for creative marketing materials, that get’s there business noticed.  A great way to do that is by getting your Vancouver printing needs handled with the pros at Trendz Print Media.

We understand the need to stand above your competitors and stay top of mind to your existing client base as well as future clients.   A great way to do this is by going with Vancouver Calendar Printing, and Vancouver Business Card printing, offered in a magnetic option.   All of  Vancouver Magnet Printing is offered on a .20 mil flexible magnet which is thick and flexible and has the ability to hold 5 to 6 sheets of paper.   All magnets are in printed 4 process color, with UV solvent ink, with a high grade quality vinyl and finished with a gloss or matte over lamination for protection.  These magnets are virtually indistructable and can be used for indoor or outdoor purposes.

Looking for a great a removable vehicle decaling?  Try Car magnets!

Because all of our magnet printing is made for outdoor use, these are a great product to use as removable vehicle decaling.  When you use these products for vehicle signage they are easy to remove and won’t cause damage to you vehicle.  The only step you need to take before putting the magnets on, is to wipe of the exterior of the car door with a soft cloth, to remove any dirt.

Another thing to keep in mind when you order your Magnetic Calendar Printing, and magnetic business card printing from Trendz print Media is you can have our Vancouver Graphic Design team create a custom design to suite all your needs.   When contacting our design team keep in mind you have the ability to create a custom die cut business cards, or calendar made into any shape or size.

Contact us today to get a quote started.

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Feb 20

It’s A wrap; a restaurant wall wrap for Rhino’s Kitchen


At Trendz Print Media we never shy away from the complex projects, we are a Vancouver Printing Company that excels under pressure.   One of our recent big project’s we took on was a complex one, which had a very tight deadline.  We were asked by the interior designer of a new restaurant called Rhino’s Kitchen in Richmond B.C., to do a massive interior wall tattoo wrapping project.

The project itself entailed the staff of Trendz Print Media Printing, Laminating, cutting, and doing graphic installation of panels throughout the restaurant.  In total we printed and installed approximately 3000 sqft of vinyl for this particular project, and we had less then a week to do so.   For this particular project the scheduling was so tight we would proof the graphics with the client, then our Vancouver Graphic Design team resize them so they were print ready.   Majority of these panels were black with a grey pattern running through it with either a repeated square pattern, or a black wood grain pattern.   The tricky thing about printing graphics like this is making sure when your printing with 1 basic color which is black, is to make sure that the rip in the software is able to pick up the tone differences in the colors, as well as making sure you don’t run into banding.   Before we did a large panel run we went through an extensive color proofing process to make sure we didn’t run into either one of these problems.

Once we had all graphics approved and had or color tones matched perfectly, we printed all of our panels on an intermediate Avery Gloss Calendar vinyl.  Once panels are printed they cure for 24hours, which allows the ink to settle properly.    After the panels dry for 24 hours, we finish off the printing panels by applying a protective gloss lamination, and then we trim the panels to size.   Last but not least comes installation.

In order to complete this project on time all of our Vancouver Printing, was started at 6am, and we had install crews go into the restaurant late at night and install sometime until 1am.  When Trendz takes on a project we are committed to it and we go he distance to make sure its done right and done on time.  So if you require a time sensitive, high quality printing project contact us today for your customized print quote.

Here are some kind words the client had to say about us:

“This print shop went above and beyond for me project. I was in a rush and needed over 2000sqft of vinyl printing and wall tattoo printed and installed in a restaurant. The staff here when into overdrive and printed during the day and installed at night. There were nights where they didn’t leave until 1am in the morning. This to me is dedication, reliability and flexibility. They worked with me as a team to fulfill the task.

Their printing is top quality and their installation was perfect! Thank you Trendz Print Media. 

I would highly recommend this Vancouver print shop for all your printing needs.”

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Feb 13

Get your event Red-Carpet-Ready with a Step & Repeat Media Wall!


Are you planning an event and looking for a must have accessory for your event?  Contact the Vancouver Printing Company that can provide you with the ultimate event accessory, a Step and Repeat media wall. Media walls are used for all the red carpet events in Hollywood, and around the world to show case sponsors, and create that feeling of significance.

For those of you who may be unaware of what a Media wall or Step-and-Repeat is, it’s used as a photo backdrop at an event for celebrities and guest to have their pictures taken by.   Usually Media walls will have sponsors logos repeated across it in a staggered layout, this creates brand recognition.   The Step and Repeat is the ultimate glamour accessory, which will always be seen at any event that has brand power backing it!

Sure your event, has that “prominence “effect with our personalized Graphic Designed Step and Repeat.

If you need help with your layout contact our graphic design team.   Our professional Vancouver Graphic Design team has a lot of experience creating various layout styles for any event, to suite any style.

Media Walls are not only used for red carpet events, at Trendz Print Media we are seeing a trend, we print and design these for corporate events.   Corporations usually have these done to take pictures of there employees to document an event. We also print and design these for a lot of weddings, creating customized monograms of couples entails that repeat as the backdrop.

Check out our website for pricing, and details about textile objects and frames options.

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Feb 10

Vehicle decaling Vancouver; for Release the Hounds Minivan Fleet


At Trendz Print Media, we have the best clients.  One of our newest clients is a company called Release the Hounds.  Release the Hounds is a Pet care Service, offering professional and reliable pet care and pet services to Vancouver.

Originally when we were contacted by the graphic designer for Release the Hounds, they were requiring vehicle decalling and  vehicle decal installation to a fleet of the 6 minivans.  The project was done with selct Avery outdoor grade colored vinyl with a 7 year durablility, Oracle perforated vinyl and Rayzor over lamination for protection.   Once the perforated decals are installed they are sealed with a heat gun and, have an edge sealant applied to ensure no lifting of the product.The owners at Release the hounds spare no expense for there K-9 friends, and they knew that when it came to transporting there furry friends it had to be done in style.

How do we create the graphics for Vancouver Vehicle decaling?

When creating the vehicle decaling, there graphic design, was done in the coporate branding colors of cyan, charcoal grey, and white.   They knew that branding colors were key element to staying consistant with there brand recognition, they kept it simple, and clean, which turned out to be very affective.   Be on the lookout for the Vans rolling through town, if you spot it be sure to take photo’s and tag the on our Facebook page at Trendz Print Media!


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