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Mar 22

Create some buzz for your business with a custom printed window graphic

wrap window vancouver bc

The key Element to any Successful business is defined branding, creative concept thinking, which equals brand recognition, followed by a revenue return.   At Trendz Print Media one of the best investments any business can put there money into is their windows. What we mean by windows is the décor you put on your windows to help market you business.   We are the Vancouver printing company that specializes in unique window wrap displays.   We offer full vinyl wrap windows, partial vinyl wrap windows, and even window decaling.   The great thing about window graphics is that they can be used for long-term use, or just on a temporary bases.

If you create an effective window graphic design, it will generate interest from your on-coming traffic, and in-turn have new clients walk through your doors.   Think Robson Street, all of those retail store have colorful displays which are changed out on a regular bases.   Large retail corporations always make use of their windows and are used to advertise current special, photos, store info, or sometimes just murals.  Why do they do this?  Because they know it is one of the most effective and cost efficient ways to create an interest in consumers to get them to walk through there doors, which in turns mean those consumers will spend money.  Corporations spends millions of dollars per year to research branding concepts, just for these displays because they know the power effective window displays have on the consumers.

With Trendz Print Media don’t worry you won’t have to spend millions, you can have your window wrap designed, printed, and installed, all at one place from the comfort of your own office.   Start out by calling our Vancouver graphic design department today and get your design started.   Make your design pop by using an array of customized materials Trendz Print Meida offers exclusively.

Try out options like:

-       custom cut shapes, logos or text

-       metallic vinyl’s

-       frosted vinyl’s (cut or printed)

-       matte vinyl’s

-       gloss vinyl’s

-       perforated vinyl’s

-       clear vinyl

These are just some of the options available, the sky is the limit.  You envision it; Trendz Print Media will create it, and make it a reality.  When installing graphics you can have them installed on the interior or exterior of your windows.   No window is too high or complex as our install crew has access to their own skyjack equipment.

What are you waiting for?   Get the attention your business needs, with a customized Vancouver window signage from the #1 Vancouver Printer.

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Mar 22

Ready, Set, Print!


Are you looking for a Vancouver Printer that offers same day printing or over night printing at affordable pricing, with exceptional quality?   Then you need to contact Trendz Print Media.    At Trendz we are known for our for being able to provide all of the following services same day, or over night:

- Vancouver business card printing

- Vancouver brochure printing

- Vancouver Post card Printing

- Vancouver Rack Card Printing

- Vancouver Flyers Printing

- Retractable Banner Stands Vancouver

- Banner Printing Vancouver

Over night printing is perfect for clients who require reprints, or businesses that are looking for Vancouver tradeshow printing.  For our clients that have used our services previously we always save all of their artwork which means you won’t have to resend you files.   If it’s your first time using us, then rest assured once we have an approval on your art work we store your files in our database so it’s easy for you to re-order in the future.

Over night printing, or Same Day print services Trendz Print Media has you covered.

For all other products on our website their usually complete within 3-5 days depend on the product and the complexity.   If your print order requires professional graphic design services, then contact our design team for their gifted design style.

At Trendz Print Media we have a repuatation built on great graphic design abilities, and exceptional quality, which is why medical professionals, government agencies, large corporations, and media agencies return time and again because they have come to know us personally, and their able to depend on us.

So if your looking for a Vancouver Printing Company you can count on contact Trendz Print Media Today.


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Mar 16

Vancouver, Worldmun 2012 Host City

Screen shot 2012-03-16 at 4.42.32 PM

The beautiful city we live in is no stranger to hosting world-class events.  This year Vancouver is the official host city to this great event Worldmun 2012, which is all about students from around the world coming together and making a difference on world issues.

Trendz Print Media is no stranger to tight deadlines, so when we were contact by the committee they required various items printed in a hurry on a tight deadline.   Some of the items we printed for this event were:

- Vancouver Booklet Printing (perfect binding)

- Certificate Printing

- Name Tags

- Lawn Sign Printing Vancouver

-Poster Printing Vancouver

At Trendz Print Media we are committed to our clients and making sure you always get a fabulous product, done, right, on time, with the best possible quality.  We are always able to achieve these results by using the best printing technology on the market today, along with quality paper grades, and our committed and dedicated staff.

At Trendz print Media we have a fantastic staff in all of departments, which makes it possible for us to handle big projects like this on tight deadlines.  So if you have a time sensitive project that needs to be handled professionally on a tight deadline, you need to contact Trendz Print Media.  Vancouver’s number 1 print professional.


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Mar 16

Slinger Mobile Food Truck, now that’s a Wrap!

professional vancouver vehicles wrap

Trendz Print Media is a Vancouver Printing Company that is on the rise for our unique vehicle wrap applications.   We’ve said it once it once and we will say it again we LOVE our vehicle wraps!

Right now the newest craze on the streets of Vancouver, is the Mobile food trucks and carts.  Last spring we were contact by Katie and Jeff of Slingers, to create a graphic designed vehicle wrap, for there massive food truck.   Like any other project we’ve taken on the “kick-ass” duo had a consultation with our Vancouver graphic Design services team and came up with an initial concept.   After a few drafts we had a finalized product, which was exactly what Katie and Jeff we’re looking for!

After the finalized draft we got the vehicle wrap into production right away.   We printed there vehicle wrap on a MacTac car wrap vinyl, which is specifically made for vehicles, which has a memory in the vinyl to form around complex curves and contours which regular vinyl’s just can’t do.   Once the graphics were all printed we let the ink cure for 48 hours, then we finish it off with a Rayzor over lam, and then our staff trimmed all panels to size.   After all of the finishing was done, the vehicle came in and we are sure to thoroughly clean the vehicle to remove any dirt or grim, if this process isn’t done then you can have severe defects with your application down the road.   After we clean it we let the food truck sit indoors for 24 hours, which also assists in the wraps going on successfully.

Create a customized graphic designed food truck wrap, to match the uniqueness of your food!

Once we took all of the necessary steps we started the wrap, and let me tell you food trucks by far are one of thee most biggest projects we have taken on to date, but it was one of the most rewarding once everything was complete.   So if you are looking for a vehicle wrap in Vancouver, contact the staff at Trendz print Media for a customized quote on graphic design services and vehicle wrap.

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Mar 16

Up, Up & away, with customized decals for the Global News helicopter


At Trendz Print Media we love taking on challenging and customized printing projects.   When we were contacted to do a second Global News Helicopter, we we’re looking forward to the challenge.    Choppers are small aircrafts that contain a lot of various complex elements such as rivets, panels that open and close, knobs and screws, along with various contours and curves.   With all of these various elements it can sometimes be challenging to apply any application for vehicle decaling or vehicle wraps.

The key element for any successful vehicle decal installation is to have to following steps followed:

-clean all surfaces of the surface with alcohol

-pre-position, to ensure you are avoiding any super complex knobs or other complex

-accurate positioning

-making sure all decals appear straight and level

Whenever you begin any vehicle decal project always be sure to color proof your vinyl printing as well as vinyl swatches to ensure accuracy with your clients before any application has started.   To ensure a long lasting vehicle decal installations follow the above steps and use quality grade vinyl’s to ensure long lasting results.   To ensure the best results Trendz Print Media use’s Avery Outdoor grade vinyl’s with a 5-7 year outdoor durability.

The install crew at Trendz Print Media are all professionally Trained for Vancouver car wrap installations, as well as vehicle decals Vancouver  installations. And all have a minimum of 5 years experience with installations.

Don’t wait around another day, get your business noticed today!  Get you car, truck, bike, boat, helicopter, or airplane wrap today.  Contact the customer service at Trendz Print Media today for more information.

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Mar 5

Mini Flyer Printing, an affordable way to do bulk volumes at affordable pricing!


Are you looking for a Vancouver printer that offers high quality printing, at affordable rates?   Then you need to visit the professionals at Trendz Print Media!  At Trendz Print Media we understand that every business has a budget and we offer affordable pricing, to meet your businesses needs.

A perfect way to produce a high quality product on any budget is by printing alternative’s products such as mini flyer printing.  Mini flyers can be printed on a variety of paper stocks, such as:

-24lbs bond

-80lbs matte text

-100lbs matte text

-60lbs gloss text

-80lbs gloss text

-100lbs gloss text

All stocks are high quality paper, and they are also available in FSC approved grades.   The size of these flyers are printed at 8.5”x5.5”, which is half of a letter size sheet of paper, they can be printed single or double sided, in color or b/w.   Mini Flyers are also a great product to use when you are planning a direct mail out service in Vancouver.    Trendz Print Media is a full service printing center where you can have your Vancouver flyer printing, Vancouver graphic design services, and Vancouver direct mail out services, all done in house in one place!   Meaning you have the convenience of having everything done in one place, which allows you to save time and money.

So if you’ve tried the other Vancouver Printers out there, Come to Trendz Print Media and try out the best Vancouver Printing company, in business today!

Whether you need help with designing your flyer, setting up your direct mail out services, or just printing contact Trendz print Media, and one of our staff would be happy to assist you.

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