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May 18

Affordable Marketing Investment, with customized vehicle wraps

gay pride vancouver vehicle wrap

Everyone is looking for great ways to market their businesses, whether you’re a multi-million dollar business or a small business, one of the most cost effective ways to advertise your business 24/7 is with custom car decals and car wraps.   One of the most important things to do is make sure you source the right graphic designer who is experienced with creating vehicle wrap designs, as there are several factors designers have to keep in mind to create a successful project.

A few things designers should keep in mind when designing:

1.)  Before designing on a template take pictures of the vehicle, and take exact measurements of each pieces

2.)  Note any complex curves, molding, trims, door handles etc.  It’s imperative all of these things are noted so that when the wrap is printed and applied no pictures or text is put in areas that can interfere with the design elements, which can turn a good design into a bad design

3.)  Once you start designing on a vehicle template make sure you create a new layer so that it easy for the print product team to turn outlines on and off, you do not want the vehicle outlines to print.

Vancouver Affordable Marketing Investment, with customized vehicle wraps truck1 300x235

4.)  Make sure all company details (phone number, website, address, social media info, and logos are prominent and placed in areas of maximum visibility.

5.)  Keep branding consistent so you have brand recognition amongst potential and existing clients

6.)  Key factors for great design:



-& images

-If these 3 things are used in the correct way you should have a moving billboard, whether you’re moving in traffic or parked in a parking lot.

Following these guidelines for car wrap designing will be an effective way to attract new clients immediately.  A Great thing about car wraps is that they can last anywhere from three to seven years depending on the type of film used and if it’s installed properly.  Always be sure to make sure the company you’re dealing with has a guarantee on their car wrap installation.  At Trendz Print Media all of our wraps are guaranteed for a minimum of five years from any lifting of the graphics.  If the wrap begins to wear before this time our clients can come back and have it replaced, as long as the wrap has been cared for in the proper nature. With product durability like this, business can’t afford to not have vehicle wraps applied to their cars or fleets.

Car wrap vinyl has special properties in them that protect your paint and ensure no damage is done to the car once you want to remove the car wrap.  Being able to remove the vinyl is perfect for businesses that are leasing vehicles, or owners who may want to sell their vehicle in the future.

If your looking to get a great return on your investment dollars for long term use.  Contact the Vancouver graphic designers at Trendz Print Media to create a compelling design for your business today, weather it’s for a 5-ton truck or  fleet vehicle graphics.   The installers at Trendz Print Media are trained professionals, with 3M training experience, contact us today for more information.

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May 11

3M Trained!

Trendz Print Media is the Vancouver car wrap print and car wrap installation specialist: there is nothing with a motor that we can’t wrap or decal.  Whether you require a vehicle wrap, boat wrap, motorcycle wrap, or aviation wrap, bring it to the wrap specialists! You can trust to get it done the first time.

With vehicle wrap and vehicle decaling being one of our main areas of expertise, we want to ensure our customers we are the best at what we do.  In our industry, therein is one company which stands among the top for their training and innovative products: 3MTM.

3MTM  offers three training courses:

-Installation Training

-Advanced Training

-Preferred Training

On Monday we had the pleasure of taking the first of the three courses, which was very educational on the product-knowledge side of some of the excellent products 3MTM has to offer in the industry for “car wraps” and “personalized wraps”.  We gained a wealth of knowledge from the instructors in regards to educating our customers on wraps and vinyl products, as well as liability for the business and our customers.  One of the main things to ensure success for car wraps is to always have your client sign off on a print-out of the vehicle, printed on the same media, which will be installed onto the vehicle.  This ensures color accuracy, and gives your client a good idea of what the finalized design will look like before the car wrap is installed onto the vehicle.  This avoids costly and time-consuming errors, and once the client signs off on the proof we are no longer responsible for any color matching or spelling errors.  Clients must do their due diligence and review artwork carefully before they sign off.

These are just a few of the key points we picked up and we can’t wait to attend the next training session, to educate and advance our staff’s skills even further.   So if you’re in need of any type of motorized vehicle wrap, contact the vehicle wrap specialists at Trendz Print Media.


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May 11

Car Decal Prep and installation Guidelines

vancouver colour vehicle decals

At Trendz Print Media we never shy away from a challenge.  One of the things we do most is car decal projects.  We specialize in doing a variety of vehicle decal projects including fleet graphics.

To ensure a successful vehicle decal application, here are a few steps we take to get the job done flawlessly.

1.)Always make sure your blade ‘s are sharp in your cutter, and that you have done a test cut before starting the entire project.  This ensures a clean smooth cut, and easy removal of excess vinyl, as well as costly re-do’s.   When removing all excess vinyl from the decal, if it’s a larger piece you can do it in sections by using an exacto knife to aid in the process.

2.) Once all of the access vinyl has been removed from the decal the next step is to mask the decal.  The “mask” is basically a thin layer of adhesive transfer tape applied over the decal and the backing paper.  In order to do the masking this will require two people, and in order to have a successful application it is imperative that the right amount of tension is used when apply to avoid wrinkles and bubbles. In order to lay the transfer tape over properly use a “hard squeegee” If this is done properly you should be able to apply to the vehicle without any problems.

3.) After the decal has been masked the next thing to do is trim the excess backing paper and transfer tape so your decal is as close to the edge as possible, if you do this especially when using light colored vinyl it will make it easier when you measuring to get accurate positioning.

4.) Next step is installation, and there are a few things that must be done before installation to ensure the decal’s durability.  Before a client drops off the vehicle you must have the client bring in the vehicle washed.   If the vehicle has just been washed before drop off make sure the vehicle is able to dry in-doors for at least 24 hours before the installation.  Before any vinyl is applied to the surface of the vehicle make sure the surface has been prepped with isoboprofonal alcohol.

5.) Installation!   After prepping the surface place the decal on the surface and measure from a line on the vehicle, or the ground (if it’s level).  Once you have it positioned correctly fasten it to the surface with green tape to secure it.  Depending on the size, that’s what determines how much tape and where to apply the tape.

6.) Once the positioning is correct, and it’s been secure with tape, a section should be unsecure for you to start applying.   You do this by peeling the transfer tape (with decal stuck to it) upward, and then trimming away that excess backing paper.  Take that piece of transfer tape with the decal and lay it down with tension and again using the squeegee work you way for he center working you way to the edge’s, and then do this to the other sections of the decal until it is complete.  Once the decal has been completely laid down remove the excess transfer tape.

7.) Last step is to remove any bubbles from the application with a pin or exacto knife, by creating a prick in the vinyl so you can push out the air with a squeegee or your finger.  If the decals are for long-term use always seal the decals with a torch or a heat gun.

So if you’re in the market for a vehicle decal project contact trendz print media, or visit our vehicle decal gallery to see some of our past projects.

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May 8

Wrap it Up!


Spring is here and that means businesses and people are coming out of hibernation mode. Lately we have been taking on a some unique complex projects, which keeps our staff motivated and on top of their game. One of our recent projects was from Red Bull Canada, doing customized vinyl wraps for their fridge coolers.

We were originally approached about the project from Red bull’s graphic designer located in Toronto. They provided us with specs, branding guidelines, and ETA of completion dates. Once our quote had been approved we received artwork, and prepared sample’s immediately, to have couriered out to Toronto next day. When dealing with any clients it is imperative that all art wok be approved with a hard copy sample, especially when you’re dealing with clients who aren’t local, so they know exactly what they are getting.

As expected once the client received the hard copy proofs they were more then happy the quality of the printed materials. We printed the materials on a Mac Tac gloss calendar vinyl, and finished it with a rayzor gloss over lamination for protection and durability. A key factor when doing any sort of wide format printing is to make sure once the print is complete to let the print cure for 24 hours before applying any lamination, or doing any install work with the print.

For this job we were required to wrap 10 baby fridge’s, and 10 regular sized red bull fridges. Each fridge consisted of a right, and left panel, as well as a front panel. Once we had the vinyl prints complete, we went on site to Red Bull’s distribution warehouse located in Vancouver to complete the install. The install was a two day process, which was fairly straight forward with no complications.

Require unique vinyl wrap, contact Trendz Print Media!

End result the clients were extremely happy, and we added another great and success project to our growing list of corporate clientele. So whether you require a printing company in Vancouver, or anywhere throughout Canada or the world contact the staff at Trendz Print Media and we can make your project a success wordwide.

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