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Jun 8

Retractable Banner Stands: Cost-Effective Rebranding Solutions


Are you a large corporation currently in the process of a rebrand?  Or perhaps you’re an organization with several departments. If you’re a Vancouver Business owner looking for a cost effective way to brand your multiple locations or departments, a great way to do that is with cost effective retractable banner stands.  Retractable banner stands are one of the most convenient items on the market because of their durability, lightweight, and easiness of set-up and take down.

At Trendz Print Media we are color perfectionists: we go through an extreme color matching process to ensure your banner printing has the sharpness needed to attract attention. A great example of this is one of our recent projects where we had to print out a few dozen banners for a local college.  The key element to this project was ensuring each banner had a color match for the main colors of black and grey so that when they were side by side there was no color variation. These Retractable banner stands were done with a finished anodized aluminum and heavy-duty plastic end plates, and the Banner is attached by clamp bar on top, and double stick tape on the bottom.

Another great feature about this product is that the bases are long lasting and the graphics aren’t permanent. If your colors, logos, or brand changes in the future, no need to stress! You can have the old Ultra smooth banner print replaced with a new one and still use your old base.

Retractable Banners come in a variety of aluminum bases in either a silver of black finish. Once you have the graphic design of your banner complete, you should then select the color.  If you having trouble deciding, come down to our location to check out what is available, or Contact our staff for more details.

Please see the retractable banner stand product description below:


• Aluminum base

• Support pole

• Top Clamp Bar

• Econo travel bag (33.5″ x 3″ x 3″)

Graphic Materials: Super Smooth Vinyl (Recommended)

Graphic Size: 31.3″ W x 80″ H

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Jun 4

Fool Proof Perfect Print Guideline


When you are about to send any file to print, there are a few necessary guidelines you must follow in order to ensure accuracy.  When preparing your files, make sure you are using software your Vancouver Print Shop can except or work with.  The most commonly accepted files are usually from Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe InDesign, PDFs, or JPEGSs. Once you begin to create your files you should download a template from Trendz Print Media which gives you proper guidelines to follow.

Our templates indicate the following:

-Safe Zone: Indicates an area of safety that no graphics or print should be outside of

-Trim Guideline: Indicates where the card will be cut

-Bleed: An extension of the graphic or color which goes beyond the trim line to ensure once the product is cut that there is no white showing (unless the edges are meant to be white)

-borders, please note if you’d like to have a border on the card that it needs to be 3/8” from the bleed area this is to prevent a the card from looking uneven if it’s trimmed slightly off.  If a product is designed by following these guidelines it should turn out perfect every time.

Please see an example of the template that is provided on our website:

Vancouver Fool Proof Perfect Print Guideline template

The second step to keep in mind when you are creating graphic designs is to ensure you are using high quality vectors or images that are at least 300Dpi to ensure a crisp print.   If you don’t use the best images possible don’t expect a perfect print, usually if the file’s aren’t high quality the graphics department should indicate this in the proofing process.  Once you file is complete and print ready, be sure to either outline any fonts in the file or send the font’s with the file in a compressed zip folder so that the printer won’t have any problems opening the file.

Once your file is sent in, you should receive a digital proof sent back from you printer.  Once you receive it, you as the client must be sure of the following:

- proof read for any spelling error’s

- read through any waiver the printer indicates on the proof sheet to ensure you have followed all necessary steps to protect yourself in case of any error’s.

- if your print requires a specific color tone, be sure to go into the printing company and get a color proof to ensure accuracy.  Never really on your monitor for color proofing as every monitor has variations in color and what you see on your monitor isn’t guaranteed what you’ll receive.  When designing any art work for print whether it’s for digital or offset printing, make sure you have designed or converted to CMYK before sending to printing, as RGB mode is used for screen viewing only.

These are a few of the basic guidelines to follow when creating standard print ready files for things like business cards, posters, etc.   If your looking to print any of the items listed on our website be sure to download one of printing template’s to help guide you or your graphic designer in file preparation.

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