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Oct 15

Get Printing With Holiday Greeting Cards Deals at Trendz Print Media – Vancouver Printers

The holidays are just around the corner, and after this weekend weather in Vancouver BC, I think it’s apparent.   Whether we like it or not! So why not be proactive this year and get a jump start on your holiday client list?    Whether you require a customized greeting card order, or a 2013 custom printed calendar, our October specials have you covered for all of your discount wholesale printing needs!

Greeting Card Printing

Being the best Vancouver print shop we always want to offer our clients the best bang for their buck, so we’ve put on a great special on for your holiday printing needs.   For the month of October, our clients are able to order 500 custom printed greeting cards , with a white invitation style envelope for $224.99.  The greeting cards are printed on a 12pt gloss card stock(coated outside, matte inside), full color, with a score line for folding, at a 4.25”x6” size.   Not quite the size you need?  Or do you require a special card sock, customized fold, die cut or foil stamping?   Then Contact the staff at Trendz Print Media, we will get a quote started for you.

Calendar Printing

Looking to put out a 2013 calendar, but your afraid time is running out?   No need to worry because we are the Vancouver printing company that offers our clients customized printing with there own photo’s or a selection of stock photo’s at no additional costs!    Our October special for calendars this month is  100 – 8.5”x11” 12 month calendars for $450.00. Like the true print professionals we are, we can process calendar orders for 2013, until the last week of December.   Our Vancouver calendar printing is available in a variety of size’s, an array of binding options, such as saddle stitching, spiral binding, and wire-o binding.   As usual our clients have the ability to choose from various paper grades and stocks.

Get your Holiday Print Orders on the move to save yourself from unneeded last minute stress

If you require quality graphic design services at the last minute, then let our Vancouver graphic design services team assist you.   For more info Contact our staff at Trendz Print Media today!

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Oct 11

Booklet Printing Made Easy!


Are you ready to launch your next booklet or magazine… but have no idea how to prepare it for printing? We’ve heard the horror stories of booklet designs that looked fantastic on screen, yet when it came to printing, they ended up with incorrectly aligned pages that made all the work seem like nothing. But worry no more! At Trendz Print Media, we have come up with the perfect solution for booklet printing that will take your marketing material to the next level. In this blog, we will be explaining some simple steps for designers to follow when they want to set up their booklets using InDesign. What’s even better – we only use the newest InDesign software in-house to help all of our clients come up with flawless booklets, regardless if they are designers or not! Our graphic designers can help you with the task!

Here are some simple tips to follow for booklet setup:

1- In Indesign, choose “Create New Document.” You can specify the page size and number of pages in the menu. Make sure the option “Facing Pages” is checked. This will let you see the layout of your booklet with pages side by side.

2- Click on “More Options” to adjust your Bleed, at the bottom of the menu. Having a bleed is extremely important when printing a booklet! The bleed area is where all elements of your design should extend to if you want to have seamless graphics going all the way to the edge of your page. Otherwise, you can end up with undesired white borders! Set your bleed to 0.125″ on all edges.

3- You can adjust your Margins to be any size – they are there to help you keep your important text and graphics into one zone to preserve alignment and consistency. To be safe, NEVER make your margins less than 0.125″ (same as bleed area). This creates a safe zone for all of your design elements. The most common size is 0.5″ on all edges.

4- Click “Ok”. Depending on the number of pages of your document, you will see how InDesign accommodates your pages to be side by side. The red margins are where your bleed extends, and the purple margins are your safe zones. Now you can start designing!

5- Whenever you are ready to send your booklet to print, select “File – Export…” and choose “Adobe PDF (Print)” from the format menu. Click “Ok”. You will see a new PDF menu with some specifications.

6- Choose “High Quality Print” in Adobe PDF Presets. Then, click on “Marks and Bleeds” on your left side menu. Make sure you check “Use Document Bleed Settings.” If you don’t, the bleed you specified in your document will be ignored!

7- Click “Export”. Now you have a perfectly designed booklet ready to go to print!

Don’t forget to check out our video for more detailed instructions!

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