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Feb 5

Give your business a boost through print media advertisements

Print media is one of the oldest, and still the most effective ways of advertising. Regardless of what type of business your in, or where you are in the world, the growth of your business can grow exponentially with the help of advertising in print media, and the various forms that are available. In Vancouver today many businesses, large or small are choosing print as a large portion of their marketing plans, and budgets, as it helps them communicate with existing customers, and potential clients, in a direct way. Large marketing campaigns are a great way to advertise like sandwich boards, but businesses can also leverage great printing technology in small format print items, like business card printing, Post card printing, and booklet printing.  Today we will give you a brief run down on a few of these items and why they may be right for you, and your business.

Business card printing is a way to introduce not only yourself, and your business, to new people.   Business cards may be small, but they are effective as well as informative, and essential for all professionals.   When it comes to business card printing Vancouver, Trendz Print Media is one of the diverse printing companies offering high end products like 32pt luxurious silk laminated business cards, with colored edges, spot uv coating, foils, and die cutting, embossing/debossing, not to mention their same day printing service (on select stock’s). Business cards are cost effective, and are a must have item all professionals should have on hand at all times. Pricing on these items range due to options and customization a business selects, but Trendz Print Media offers one of the most reasonable rates any Vancouver printing company offers, with all the bells and whistles.  Apart from general and conventional shape, new age printing companies are coming up with a great new range of shape’s and graphic designs to convey the commercial message of their clients. They do this by creating custom die cuts that suit your business; another option is rounded corners in variety of radiuses.

Another printing services you’ll find from quality Vancouver printing companies is Booklet printing. Booklets are a useful tool for the businesses that want to create highly informative brochures, of products or information on more than just a page or two.  Booklet printing can range in various sizes, different paper stocks, as well as unique finishing options.   Trendz Print Media offers booklet-printing Vancouver, with a guarantee of timely delivery and high quality finished product for their clients. also offers sandwich boards, which are used to attract clients from the street to take notice of your business; it’s like an invitation for them to walk into your business.  So be sure that it’s inviting, and have a professional come up with a unique design for you, or visit the professional graphic design studio at trendz print media.

Sandwich boards come in 3 different materials;

-Wood Sandwich Board

-PVC Sandwich Board

-And metal a frame stands

For sandwich boards Vancouver, Trendz Print Media is one company that you can always trust. Offering laminated boards, for the price you see listed on their website, which means you’ll have a board that will withstand the test of time in any Canadian weather condition.

Customized printing solutions is something that a majority of companies and businesses demand these days and this is exactly what the veteran Vancouver based printing companies such as Trendz print Media specialize in, and great customer service you’ll come to expect, so check them out today

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Feb 5

The great use of print media can be seen in Vancouver

Trendz Print Media is located in downtown Vancouver and they are considered an elite printing house that is an accomplished organization with acute knowledge of printing business. The Vancouver based printing company has expertise of almost every form of printing method that is being used in the market today. When it comes to smart, contemporary yet cost effective advertising through print media, businesses can rely on the printing experts of the Vancouver printing company Trendz Print Media, and because they are guru’s of this industry they offer the most up to date products, current in today’s market.

Every company is seeking brand recognition and good marketing tools, and the qualified graphic design department at Trendz Print Media has you covered. They are able to create a brand conscious marketing idea in a cost effective way, just because your getting a great deal you will never have to worry about compromising quality or fresh creative ideas.   Ideas like stretch fabric displays, trade show displays, retractable banners with banner stands are now popular not only in Vancouver but all around the world because of their ability to attract consumers in an economical way, and the great thing about these items is that they are light weight, and easy to transport.

Stretch fabric displays

The advertising method of stretch fabric display is to be able to display graphics at an exhibit, conference, or some from of show, with an easy time manageable set-up.   The first reason people use stretch fabric displays are because of the effectiveness they have with their audience, when you’re trying to communicate with a crowd.   Tradeshow displays are vital when your trying to attract people in a big crowd, so make sure that you’ve had you stretch fabric display designed to stand’s out in the crowd.  Trendz print Media offer’s several shapes and size’s for you to choose from, and the fabric itself is machine washable, which ensures longevity of the graphic.  We also offer a lifetime warranty on the frame, and a 1-year warranty of the graphics.

Retractable banners

When it comes to retractable banners Trendz Print Media is considered the Vancouver Printing Company professionals.   Retractable banners and banner stands can be seen not only in gatherings or trade shows, but also in in shops, night markets, community center’s, and even schools, they are very effective at getting a message across to it’s targeted audience. There is a great range of retractable banner stands to choose from, which can be used to fit any budget.

Business card printing

In terms of business card printing Vancouver, Trendz Print Media is considered very reputable; we offer top notch and highly professional business card printing solutions that create a lasting impression in the minds of your customers.   We offer the thickest stock on the market in 32pt luxurious stock, with customized options like colored edges, embossing, debossing, hot stamping, spot uv, and a variety of laminations.   So whether your looking for a card with a Grande effect, or a quick turn around time, we have whatever options your looking for.

Greeting cards Vancouver

Greeting card printing should be a major priority on professionals minds, as a means of staying in touch with their client base, whatever the occasion might be, be sure to stay in touch with your clients through customized greeting card printing. We offer expert design services, which will separate you from generic, automated card service, at affordable pricing.

Trendz Print Media caters to its clients with all the above-mentioned services and a lot more like booklet printing, calendar printing and brochure printing services.

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