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Mar 24


As a time-tested and effective means for marketing, brochures continue to be of great value to both businesses and customers alike. With more and important information than found on a business card, but not as much as a website, brochures are the convenient and portable solution to mass marketing. At Trendzprint, we believe that everything your business produces should represent your company well, that is why we print brochures that perfectly match your brand’s style. Whether you choose the larger sized logo, which is available in 11” x 17” or the smaller, standard size of 8.5” x 11” you can opt for either bi or tri-folded brochures.

Whether your business is run from a brick and mortar location or online only, brochures are a great form of advertising and marketing. Direct mailing lets new and old customers know of current offers, sales, and provides them with a beautifully designed brochure. Brochures are also excellent for high traffic areas, display racks at hotels, libraries, and salons, or on counters at other businesses. Is there an event, showcase, or festival coming to town? With brochures in hand, you can catch attendants on the way in and out and take advantage of grabbing the attention of those who may be in your target market.

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Mar 4

Not sure about the quality print media products?

Take a look at the gallery and then place a order.

If you have ever fallen prey to bad quality of printing, Outdoor products, Signage products, stationary items, or Business cards, then I’m sure that you would have developed a tendency of not easily trusting any online provider. But if I say that I have located one such company that offers a quality guarantee with their product, how would you react?  I know you are getting eager to know about them. Well friends, the name of the company is Trendz Print Media and this is their website address If you are unsure,  have a closer look at the online gallery which showcases their quality print products.

Let’s now have a quick overview of their print media products. Trendz broadly caters to seven categories of items.  Description along with the name of the category is provided below. Now depending upon your requirements and budget you can select a product from this online catalogue and place your order on their website.

Outdoor products –Outdoor items like Tear Drop Flags, outdoor canopies, Signage and Feather Flags fall under this category.

Tradeshow products- Trade show booths, stretch fabric displays, trade show displays retractable banners, banner stands, and table throws, are some of the quality trade show printing products offered.

Advertising products- Post card printing, brochure printing, poster printing and graphic design services are part of this products’ category. Through their innovative post card printing in Vancouver, this Vancouver print shop has now become one of the few Vancouver printing companies who are blessed with many satisfied customers. This could only be possible through their in house brochure printing in Vancouver and poster printing in Vancouver which promises faster delivery of products with fast turnaround times.

Signage products- Sandwich boards, window wraps, window displays and light boxes are the items under this category. Fusion of latest technology and exclusive designs of sandwich board printing have made them leading sandwich boards manufacturer of Vancouver and banner printing producers of Vancouver.

Vehicle Signage products- Mostly catering to vehicle signage, they offer vehicle wraps in Vancouver and car decals in Vancouver area.

Stationary items- Booklet printing, letterhead printing, notepads, and envelopes are some of the items manufactured by the booklet printing manufacturer of Vancouver.

Business cards- Ultra Thick Business Cards and Spot Uv Business Cards are the type of cards crafted by Trendz Print Media.   Their seamless designs and perfect color scheme’s have become know as well crafted art among business professionals.

However, apart from business card printing in Vancouver, they also formulate and craft other products like greeting cards, media walls and step and repeats. Calendar printing, Banner Printing and Magnet printing too is on their manufacturing list. With growing popularity in greeting cards business of Vancouver, their calendar printing business in Vancouver along with Magnets in Vancouver are gaining attraction from all over Vancouver.

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Mar 4

One stop shop for all your outdoor, tradeshow, vehicle signage, stationary and business cards requirements!

Are you tired of same old designs of car wraps and want to experiment with the latest styles? Well you can visit the URL Here you will find huge variety of car wraps in Vancouver apart from other vehicle signage, vehicle wraps and vehicle decal products in Vancouver. Though car decals are known to be their specialty in Vancouver, that’s not all they do!

The company also deals in various advertising products like brochure printing, post card printing, poster printing, brochure printing in Vancouver, and various other graphic design services. Apart from post card printing in Vancouver and poster printing in Vancouver, Trendz is also one of the top producing flyer printing plants in Vancouver.

This Vancouver Printing Company is also manufacturing and selling outdoor signage and tradeshow substances too. Some of the products under the outdoor signage include, Tear Drop Flags, Feather Flags, outdoor Tents, trade show booths, stretch fabric displays, trade show displays, Banner Printing, retractable banners and banner stands. Their Banner Printing in Vancouver and their wide range of retractable banners in Vancouver are becoming hot selling items among top tier businesses in Vancouver!

Trendz ensures that they do not let their customers fall short of any print media product and for that they have an exclusive range of Signage products. Sandwich boards, window wraps and window displays are some of them. Unique designs of their sandwich boards in Vancouver have bestowed them with special recognition in sandwich board printing.

At the same time, the company is well aware of the fact that business cards are the way which can either create a good or a bad first impression for their clients, so they have the best in house graphic design team to help you create a solid brand identity.  This has compelled them to come up with unique die cut, laminated, and other various specialty business cards.  So now Ultra Thick Business Cards and Spot Uv Business Cards are at the focal point of their business card printing. That means, their Spot Uv Business Cards in Vancouver have placed them among leading business card printing companies of Vancouver.

Stationary products are part of their print media trade which include discount printing cards, greeting cards, Presentation Folder Printing, booklet printing and Magnet printing. In addition to booklet printing in Vancouver and Folder printing in Vancouver, this Vancouver print shop is also into calendar printing. Trendz Print Media focuses on various  print items like media walls, step and which makes them a successful print leader.

Typically I like their greeting cards in Vancouver and I would recommend this 24 hour printer of Vancouver to everyone who wants to try something novel, innovative as well as colourful. This is one of the few Vancouver printing companies who claim 100% customer satisfaction for their clients or else they offer the money back guarantee. Since all their media and print items are manufactured in house, faster delivery of their products can be assured.

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Mar 4

Wide range of Outdoor and Tradeshow products available with one Vancouver Company!

Irrespective of whether your requirement relates to Outdoor Flags and canopies or Tradeshow products which include Retractable banners, stretch fabric displays, tradeshow booths, trade show displays or any other Advertising products like Graphic design brochures, post cards, flyers and posters, you can always trust one name – Trendz Print media.

Needless to say, their car wraps are quite popular in Vancouver, and they are known as a prestige vehicle wrap provider in Vancouver and nearby areas. The possibilities of what they can do to a to a vehicle, boat, motorcycle, or aircraft is endless. They use high grade vinyls, and always know how to create a customized graphic design for a vehicle that will suite any business, their style, and needs.

Even their retractable banners in Vancouver and banner stands are well liked by their clients. So, what makes Trendz products so special?  Unique feature of first understanding the business requirements of the clients and then crafting them into a nice creative design, which they find very simple! This art of Trendz reflects very well in their sandwich boards and step and repeats items too. Known for their quality sandwich boards in Vancouver, sandwich board printing has been a part of their long running business model.

Having the honour of running a business that offers multitude of print media choices to almost every business category, they themselves very well know the importance of nice and picturesque post card printing designs. This has placed them above their competitors in post card printing business in Vancouver. Their Vancouver print shop offers host of choices for their customers, they have gone step ahead to set a trademark for other Vancouver printing companies by offering high class products. Banner Printing by Trendz in Vancouver, and specially designed Tear Drop Flags, Feather Flags and Banner Printing card; company has helped their clients in business promotion process.

Their clients like their Ultra Thick Business Cards and Spot Uv Business Cards so much so that they have cornered the market and are known to be the ‘quality Spot Uv Business Cards manufacturer of Vancouver’. While their die cut business card printing, booklet printing, greeting cards printing, calendar printing, brochure printing has placed them among top business card printing companies of Vancouver, their greeting cards in Vancouver and booklet printing in Vancouver along with calendar printing in Vancouver and brochure printing in Vancouver have fetched them the honour of serving thousands of satisfied customers. However, the customers should also opt for their variety of media walls and graphic design services, if they are in search of niche products.

In addition to the above mentioned products, they offer wide range of Signage products like lawn signs, light boxes, window wraps, window displays and Stationary items which include letterheads, envelopes, presentation folders and note pads. Their stylish poster printing in Vancouver, poster printing and Magnet printing has in fact popularized the art of Magnets print in Vancouver. Nevertheless their Outdoor Tents, discount printing cards, Door Hanger Printing, along with Rack Card Printing in Vancouver and Flyer Printing in Vancouver has made them Folder printing business leaders of Vancouver. With their 24 hour printer service along Vancouver, they wish to capture the market of Presentation Folder Printing.

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Mar 4

Popular Print Media company in Vancouver.

Are you looking for a car wrap company in Vancouver that decals with car wraps, car decals, and fleet graphics?   Well I can tell you about a print media company that offers plethora of vehicle decal products from simple to elaborate car wrap designs. Would you like to take any guesses? Got it right, I’m talking about Trendz Print Media.

What all does Trendz manufacture and sell?

They are a popular brand in print media merchandise in Vancouver.  While they are one of the few vehicle wrap providers in Vancouver, their trade show booths too are quite liked by their customers. Catering to requirements of broad array of customers, they manufacture stretch fabric displays and trade show displays. While retractable banners have gained them a special position among their clients, some people have even call them the retractable banner specialists. However, the list does not end here. You just name the print media product and they have it

Their nice banner stands and unique post cards designs have gained them recognition in the small format printing field. Rated as one of the few post card printing companies in Vancouver they aim at quality deliverables, with quality paper stocks and great digital printing equipment. Their Vancouver print shop located in the heart of downtown Vancouver British Columbia, is known for its wide range of sandwich boards, greeting cards, media walls, window wraps, window displays, Tear Drop Flags, Feather Flags and Outdoor Tents.

Trendz is one of the few Vancouver media printing companies that prepares and prints huge variety of Ultra Thick Business Cards and Spot UV Business Cards. Apart from making and selling simple Spot Uv Business Cards in Vancouver, their business card printing fuses style with unique design to offer an exceptional range of items. While business card printing in Vancouver has been their specialty for years, their nice coloured greeting cards are hot selling items in Vancouver. Booklet printing according to individual requirements has become the trademark of this booklet printing company in Vancouver.

Their range of other quality items relate to step and repeats, calendar printing, brochure printing, poster printing, magnet printing, Banner Printing, Door Hanger Printing, discount printing, Signage boards, Presentation Folder Printing and sandwich board printing.

While their sandwich boards in Vancouver, calendar printing in Vancouver, brochure printing in Vancouver, poster printing in Vancouver, Banner Printing in Vancouver, Rack Card Printing in Vancouver, Magnets in Vancouver and graphic design services have acclaimed them a special honour and compelled their customers to shop for the mentioned products again and again, and exclusivly  from them.

Keeping this in mind, Trendz has started taking orders 24 hours round the clock and thereby the printer manufacturer of Vancouver ensures that they are able to bring smile on the faces of their happy and satisfied customers. With this the folder printing company in Vancouver ensures that their customers do not run short of products only when they are in urgent need.  Trendz mostly caters through its online portal You too can click on the link and place orders for your required item.

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