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Mar 24


As a time-tested and effective means for marketing, brochures continue to be of great value to both businesses and customers alike. With more and important information than found on a business card, but not as much as a website, brochures are the convenient and portable solution to mass marketing. At Trendzprint, we believe that everything your business produces should represent your company well, that is why we print brochures that perfectly match your brand’s style. Whether you choose the larger sized logo, which is available in 11” x 17” or the smaller, standard size of 8.5” x 11” you can opt for either bi or tri-folded brochures.

Whether your business is run from a brick and mortar location or online only, brochures are a great form of advertising and marketing. Direct mailing lets new and old customers know of current offers, sales, and provides them with a beautifully designed brochure. Brochures are also excellent for high traffic areas, display racks at hotels, libraries, and salons, or on counters at other businesses. Is there an event, showcase, or festival coming to town? With brochures in hand, you can catch attendants on the way in and out and take advantage of grabbing the attention of those who may be in your target market.

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