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Aug 1

Can’t Afford it? Then Finance it!

Car Wrap Financing

Can’t afford it? Then Finance it! One of the hottest items on the markets right now for businesses and general public are car wraps.   Most businesses that are coming to us are looking at having custom printed car wraps, and our general public clients are looking for personalized matte or rare gloss coloured vinyl vehicle wraps.   That being said, car wraps are a great item that attract a lot of attention regardless of the style, but they can be costly.  Being the innovative thinkers that we are at Trendz Print Media, we are implementing finance options for car wrapping services: which means you can take one month, or up to six months to pay for the wrap, INTEREST FREE!

The financing can be applied to 1 or more vehicles, including fleets. The “buy-now pay-later” is the most affordable option, and we are the first and only print wrap company to offer this service.

Trendz Print Media is always on the look out for the best deals possible for our clients.  In order to provide the best deals we research market pricing, competitor pricing, options, and products available.

While you’re at it, if you’re looking for great graphic design to complete your wrap, speak to our in-house graphic design.  Any graphic design charges that apply to customized wraps can be applied to your finance plan.  In order to get your project started all you need to do is pay your first month’s payment, no strings attached – it’s as easy as that!

Don’t forget at Trendz Print Media we only use high grade 3M, and Avery car wraps vinyls and laminate.  With any and all of the printing services we offer, we use Roland certified ink, no after market inks, so your never have to worry about your colours looking drab or fading out!

Don’t delay – contact the staff of Trendz Print Media today!

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