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Windows are everywhere, and they are one of the BEST ways to communicate with people, whether they are on foot, in their car, or on a bike.  So if your windows are bare, don’t leave them under exposed, get them wrapped and attract new clientele.  Window wraps are a great way to promote an upcoming sale or product, and are an excellent idea for businesses that are undergoing construction.  We offer an array of custom coloured vinyl, metallic, perforated or oplique window vinyl.  We use the highest grade of vinyl on the market to ensure a long lasting application, from of 3M trained staff


    3M/Avery/ Oracal

The price you see listed includes set up, boxing, and cutting where applicable. Please note that a 24hr rush service is available, at an additional cost.

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  • There are TWO ways you can order:
  • By calling us at 604-327-6245 or Toll-Free at 1-855-936-6688

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Pricing can range anywhere from $8.00 to $12.00 per sqft depending on the product and the coverage.

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Custom Window Wraps

Did you know that your windows can be transformed into vibrant marketing tools for your business? At Trendz Print Media, we offer Window Graphics printing and Window Wrap Installation to business throughout the lower mainland. Window wraps can be printed on a few different media types, to ensure maximum exposure: -perforated vinyl -translucent vinyl -regular vinyl -froste dvinyls


When your doing window graphic printing it is a great way to advertise temporary promotions and business contact information, or just a great designs to attract attention which will bring clients in your door. When considering a window wrap, window graphics, or window decals, you should contact our graphic design team at Trendz Print Media. When you have your graphic designs done at Trendz Print Media, you can be assured that we have the knowledge and expertise to take the details of what your looking for and come up with a solution to maximize your window area; which gets you the results you’re looking for. We can create a unique design for your window while incorporating the following elements: -cutting edge design, through cut outs of unique shapes, patterns, logos, and fonts. Done custom colored vinyl’s, and frosted vinyl’s. Plus printing vibrant colors directly onto perforated window films, frosted vinyl’s, regular vinyl, and translucent vinyl.


So if you’re looking to advertise something permanently or temporarily, window wrap printing is a great way to attract attention to your business. Contact the staff at Trendz Print Media today, we would be happy to set up a consultation appointment with you.